Virtual events on forest monitoring tools in West Africa
Posted on 14/10/2020

FAO will hold a series of technical virtual events on forest monitoring tools in West Africa. The sessions will be held as part of the project “Global Transformation of Forests for People and Climate: a focus on West Africa” to support the implementation of the ECOWAS Forest convergence Plan.

The sessions aim to support countries to overcome data gaps and improve the quality and transparency of forest-related data and information by developing the capacities of technical staff to conduct forest (carbon) inventories and analyze geospatial satellite imagery. Participants will be trained to use FAO open source geospatial tools such as Open Foris and SEPAL to harmonize countries’ land use /land cover classification systems, undertake visual image interpretation, and produce map mosaics, change detection and accuracy assessments.

The training sessions are open to everyone interested to learn about national forest inventory techniques and methodologies and about the use of FAO’s latest geospatial open source tools for land use land cover change analysis.

Dates: 15 October – 30 November

Find out more information here.