Result of the MySnowMaps Pilot Project
Posted on 15/06/2021

The MySnowMaps team have worked on improving the algorithms and the assimilation of satellite data into the modelling chain. They have improved the pre-processing procedure to obtain the best NDSI target and features maps for machine learning classification, adding specific filters and corrections, such a filter based on NDWI, a filter on the no-snow pixel in the NDSI at high altitude and a pre-process on the NDVI to locate the pixels of forest.

Regarding the Citizen Science side of the project, they have expanded their community, added the app into the Google store, increased the number of posts in social media, run a competition for citizens, and produced a manual where users can learn how to download CS data. In addition, they have finalised the White Paper, which describes how to use MySnowMaps to plan an off-piste excursion in the snow.

Find out here how to download Citizen Science data, the MySnowMaps engagement report and the MySnowMaps White paper:

For further information about the MySnowMaps Pilot Project, check out the MySnowMaps website here: