REINFORCE webinar: How to use cosmic rays in the study of geosciences and archaeology
Posted on 04/05/2021

The forth REINFORCE webinar titled “How to use cosmic rays in the study of geosciences and archaeology” will take place on the 11th of May at 3PM CEST.

The technology developed to study fundamental physics can be applied to the development of frameworks that may have a significant impact on society. Muography is an innovative technique using secondary cosmic rays produced in the atmosphere, which can be adapted to any field of investigation: controls, risks assessment, hazards management. The Atmospheric Muons have unique potential to probe structures and provide insight in a series of issues, ranging from volcano live monitoring to applications in archaeology or use for non- invasive and non-destructive control processes in the industry.

During this webinar, participants will learn how their input can be fundamental to study geological phenomena and in the archaeology research, how the muography technique works, and how REINFORCE demonstrator about Cosmic Muons Images will be developed.

Please find any additional information, such as the agenda, the speakers’ list and the main takeaways on the REINFORCE website.