Copernicus ‘Eyes on earth’ online Roadshow
Posted on 20/05/2020

The Copernicus ‘Eyes on Earth’ Online Roadshow will take place on 2-3 June 2020. The Roadshow will be part of the EO4GEO Summit programme, and supported by the Croatian Presidency of the EU. During the Roadshow you could:

  • Discover how digital data skills can help you boost your study, career, and business prospects
  • Learn about the world’s largest Earth Observation platform, Copernicus, and what it can do for you, our society and our planet
  • Access and experiment with satellite data in learning environments with professional trainers
  • See practical examples of how Copernicus services can help tackle COVID-19 challenges and other large-scale emergencies

Registration is now open!

For any questions, please contact