CEOS Earth Observation Training Resources
Posted on 29/06/2020

The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) is composed of all the major space agencies. CEOS ensures international coordination of civil space-based Earth observation programs and promotes the exchange of data to optimize societal benefit and inform decision making for securing a prosperous and sustainable future for humankind.

CEOS Working Group on Capacity Building & Data Democracy (WGCapD)  builds upon the CEOS Data Democracy Initiative in an effort to increase the capacity of institutions in less developed countries for effective use of Earth observation data for the benefit of society and to achieve sustainable development.

There are a lot of excellent resources developed by CEOS that might be useful for educators and students. For example, the CEOS training calendar and many other educational resources (such as the first Massive Open Online Course on Radar Remote Sensing by  EO College or the EO handbook on SDGs).