Australian Bushfires: which Citizen Science projects can help?
Posted on 10/02/2020

The unprecedented continental scale of the current Australian bushfires is devastating. They have led to the loss of lives, homes, habitats and biodiversity on a huge scale.

There is a role for citizen science to assist across multiple disciplines, at scale, in many research and monitoring capacities to contribute to important and valuable science that is needed now and into the future. The Australian Citizen Science Association, ACSA, is seeking to further connect the citizen science community to the complex efforts that are required to learn from and understand the impact of the bushfires.

Therefore, the Australian Citizen Science Association has launched a survey to gather information about different citizen science initiatives, the ACSA Citizen Science Bushfire Response Project survey.

ACSA is seeking to identify research projects that include fire – bushfire/forest/wildfire as their focus across a broad spectrum of subjects (from biodiversity to human health) and citizen science as part of their methodologies (from projects which require on the ground work, to purely online projects where everyone can contribute).

The results will be used to create a publicly available list of active projects and ACSA will work with partners to identify a number of projects that have the potential to contribute on a national scale. To complete the survey on citizen science bushfire related projects:

To complete the survey on citizen science bushfire related projects:

For more information about the initiative:

Contact:  Libby Hepburn   +61 458 798 990  Merimbula,

New South Wales, Australia