Are you interested in citizen science, nature and technology? Join the two first co-design sessions that Cos4Cloud organizes!

Cos4Cloud is organizing the two firsts co-design sessions with the aim of improving citizen observatories’ technologies by sharing the opinion on the specific citizen science technological services that the Horizon2020 Cos4Cloud project is developing

There will be two co-design sessions. One on the MOBIS services, led by DDQ, and the other one on Cos4Env and Cos4Bio, led by Bineo Consulting.

  • When: 10th of March, 15:00-17:30 (CET). MOBIS (Mobile Observation Integration Service), a service that will allow citizen scientists to customize their own project by collecting and combining all sorts of useful information from photographs or low-cost sensors linked to a mobile website or a native app platform.
  • When: 11th of March, 14:00-16:30 (CET). The Cos4Bio & Cos4Envare are two online platforms that integrate observations on biodiversity (Cos4Bio) or environmental (Cos4Env) monitoring from various citizen observatories, potentially an enormous number of observations.

If interested please sign up here.