CSEOL Updates!

This webinar will explore – from the perspectives of academic researchers, practitioners, and project leaders – what the challenges are of meeting data collection needs while protecting participant privacy.
Undertake Action Research on social innovation in international projects, tackling (water-related) societal challenges via multi-stakeholder innovation processes & knowledge co-creation.
A powerful example of how Citizen Science can be combined with Earth Observation
The CSEOL team is proud to announce the winners of the inaugural CSEOL Pitch Day, who continue into the implementation phase and where they will be the first set of CSEOL Pilot Projects!
As the CSEOL initiative gears up to select its first pilot projects, the CSEOL Bootcampers are now ensconced in the Big Hall at ESRIN, Frascati, pitching their projects to the CSEOL expert panel.
This week the CSEOL expert panel will be selecting successful Pilot Projects from our shortlisted Greehouse Teams.
By the end of this training, attendees will become familiar with SDG Indicators 15.3.1 and 11.3.1, understand how to use the Trends.Earth Urban Mapper web interface, and learn the basics of the Trends.Earth toolkit.
Are you passionate about innovation in the context of Citizen Science and Earth Observation and do you have at least three years of professional work experience as a researcher or a comparable position?
This week our team of experts from IHE, Starlab and ESA will be selecting 10 to 20 exceptional ideas from the great ideas submitted since the competition launched on 25 February.
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