Webinars: Women and Digitalization in Agriculture

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2021 and Open Data Day 2021,  Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) and Unique Mappers Team are teaming up, bringing together these two topics and exploring gender equality in data technologies in West Africa. The digital transformation of the agricultural sector, through the proliferation of digital technologies, tools … Read more

EU-Citizen.Science Call on online training courses

The EU-Citizen.Science project has launched a call to fund 10 citizen science online training modules (this entails the development, implementation and testing of the module before publication). The grants are of up to € 1.500 each. In addition, there is a support package for the design and implementation process. The training module are aimed at … Read more

Are you interested in citizen science, nature and technology? Join the two first co-design sessions that Cos4Cloud organizes!

Cos4Cloud is organizing the two firsts co-design sessions with the aim of improving citizen observatories’ technologies by sharing the opinion on the specific citizen science technological services that the Horizon2020 Cos4Cloud project is developing.  There will be two co-design sessions. One on the MOBIS services, led by DDQ, and the other one on Cos4Env and Cos4Bio, led … Read more

Webinar: Colonialism in Open Data and Mapping

With Big Data platforms using Earth Observation and Geospatial data, data colonialism, data feudalism, data extraction raises many ethical questions around the rise of digital monopolies and the power imbalance that could create and its impact on the global society.

Webinar: Discovering the unexplored deep marine environment

The REINFORCE project (Research Infrastructures FOR Citizens in Europe) has created a series of citizen science projects on frontier Physics research, with citizen scientists making a genuine and valued contribution to managing the data avalanche. The goal is to actively engage citizens in the research done in several participating Large Research Infrastructures (e.g. VIRGO, KM3NET). … Read more

CSEOL Demo Day

The CSEOL journey kicked off almost 2 years ago. Following the CSEOL Innovation Funnel, CSEOLab received more than 30 innovative ideas where 10 ideas were shortlisted and entered into the greenhouse phase. Then, different teams developed their proposals, went through a BootCamp and during a Pitch Day, 5 CSEOL Pilot Projects were selected to receive … Read more

PhenoTandem on TV

The PhenoTandem Pilot Project featured in La Metro TV show, which is part of the Regional delegation of the state public TV. They interviewed Joan Pino,director of CREAF and member of the RitmeNatura team, where he mentioned and explained the PhenoTandem goals and objectives – including the importance of citizen science participation and earth observation … Read more

Geneva Forum 2020

The online Geneva Forum 2020, 7-17 December, will host the 5th Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Peace and Development.

8th Digital Earth Summit 2020

The International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) is challenged with the question “How can Digital Earth empower people to improve social and planetary well-being?