CSEOL Citizen Science Development Toolkit

A new model of design, production, distribution, and installation of an on-field environmental monitoring system.
How can you best develop a data collection project, ensure that high quality data is collected and achieve maximum impact? The AfriAlliance Handbook on Data Collection focusses on the development sector and the collection of data, mainly by people, and covers the main elements to consider when designing and implementing a data collection project. Where applicable, it will also point you to more detailed resources.
AndroSensor supports all sensors in android devices and is available in different languages.
It's free and versatile. Anyone and any organization can create a project. Collect bird surveys, pick up beach trash, monitor water quality, or track trees - it's up to you!
The University College for Agrarian and Environmental Pedagogy in Vienna offers an extra-occupational citizen science course.
Boinc is open-source software for distributed computing (“volunteer computing”).
CartoDB supports the visualisation of geographical data. One free version and several fee-based versions are available.
Online courses for educators to support participation in citizen science projects
The Making Sense Toolkit. This resource will teach you how to scope your questions, identify and nurture relevant communities, and plan an effective campaign. It will then help you gather data and evidence, interpret your findings, build awareness and achieve tangible outcomes. Finally, it will show you how to reflect on these outcomes, and offers suggestions on how you can leave a lasting legacy
CitSci.org provides tools and resources to support research projects