Citizen Science Earth Observation Lab

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CSEOL Demo Day

The CSEOL journey kicked off almost 2 years ago. Following the CSEOL Innovation Funnel, CSEOLab received more than 30 innovative ideas where 10 ideas were

PhenoTandem on TV

The PhenoTandem Pilot Project featured in La Metro TV show, which is part of the Regional delegation of the state public TV. They interviewed Joan

Geneva Forum 2020

The online Geneva Forum 2020, 7-17 December, will host the 5th Annual International Conference on Participatory Research, Citizen Sciences, Crowd-Innovation and Fab Labs for Peace and Development.

8th Digital Earth Summit 2020

The International Society for Digital Earth (ISDE) is challenged with the question “How can Digital Earth empower people to improve social and planetary well-being?

CSEOL Implementation Phase

CSEOL (we say Sizzle) is an initiative funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) to find people and organizations with the energy, imagination and creative talent to help Europe’s big Space data address some of our biggest problems.

We’ve been looking for ideas that provide fantastic opportunities for citizen scientists – or the wider public – to validate what satellites observe or to put those images to use. The CSEOL Call went out around the world, with great ideas coming in from four continents. We’re now moving into the implementation phase – where the five CSEOL pilot preparing their projects, implementing their project, all working towards a Demo Day, where they demonstrate what their project has achieved.

Our goal is to take great ideas to funding in less than 6 months – in a competitive setting.